Prisoner Pen Pals

With technology advancing so much, it is much easier to stay connected to family and friends throughout the world. Now a days we correspond with people from across the nation and even sometimes across the world. 

But what we fail to think about, or perhaps we have already thought about it, is can an inmate have a pen pal? And if they could have a pen pal, how do I go about being one?

Today, we are going to go over the benefits of a pen pal to an inmate, is it dangerous to be a pen pal to an inmate, and where you can sign up to become a pen pal.

Benefits of Being a Prisoner Pen Pal

First off, you should know that inmates are lonely people. They are stuck in their cells or what people would call bubble in which they cannot break free from. They must keep to themselves and for most of them, they really do not have any support system on the outside. 

However, that’s until you come in and when you start writing to an inmate your inmate will start to benefit from these below benefits. 

Positive Social Interaction

One of the main benefits for having an inmate pen pal is that this will allow the inmate to have at least one positive social interaction during the week. Many of these inmates grew up not having positive social interactions, which is why they are now behind bars. 

Leads to Social Awareness

The next benefit is what many people would refer to from back in the day when you would have pen pals as children. So, it this one is going to come from the children’s mindset. 

But having a pen pal can have the inmate become aware about our society. You must understand that the inmate may not be FULLY aware about society and the things around him. So, you are corresponding with the inmate is adding that extra value to helping the inmate become aware. 

Bringing Knowledge

Us on the outside have Google, them on the inside have nothing. They do not have access to the internet while they are behind bars. So, they cannot just simply Google this or that. They most of the time are not always caught up on what is going around them either. So, being a pen pal can help them share their thoughts while also getting your perspective about the real world and issues in it as well. 

Showing Support

We’ve mentioned this briefly a while ago, but just like the United States Army, prisoners also do not have regular content with friends and family members. This can be hard on many of them. By simply writing a letter can bring so much needed support to an inmate to break up the monotony of the day to day life that they are living. 

Is Writing a Prisoner Dangerous?

The age-old question is, “Is writing a prisoner dangerous?” 

The answer is it certainly can be!

I mean for starters you need to understand there are a few risks you take when you start talking to any sort of strangers. But, when the stranger you started talking to is a felon, then there is a bigger risk. 

But, let’s start with the basics, if a felon is looking for a pen pal, they may be looking for one of the following things that we are going to go over. 


We’ve mentioned it previously that in prison inmates do not have much communication with anyone on the outside. So, a lot of inmates are seeking that companionship that a pen pal gives because what you do not know is that receiving mail is a small break from their reality. 


You always want to believe everyone in the world is good, but what you need to realize a lot of inmates in prison are hustlers. They know how to work with people, so they can leave a comfortable life behind bars. They are not stupid, and they know the people who will give it to them. 

The people that tend to give them a ton of money are usually lonely people looking to either “save” someone or just have someone to talk to. 


Yes, you will find many inmates looking for some type of relationship. Most of the time it’s them looking for a spouse as many of their spouses leave them prior to them going to jail or during their stint in jail. 

Prisoner Pen Pal Sites

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits and if it is safe to write a prisoner, now we are going to talk about how you can meet an inmate on these prison pen pal sites. You may even be able to locate a friend beyond the wall. 


There are hundreds and thousands of prisoners who have loss contact with family members, love ones and the outside world. Many want and need to hear from people who can help lead these men and women into creating new lives. With your help, many can learn, live and nourish In their communities.


There are literally thousands or colleges, universities, and trade schools through out the United States that can help prisoners earn degrees while 1n prison. Studies have round that as prisoners become more educated, their chances of returning to prison are greatly reduced. Today, you can help a prisoner begin to take the steps necessary to live better lives.


There are over a million social agencies design to help people reach their full potential. Many of these agencies have become the catalyst for people who have succeeded in life. For prisoners who are soon to be released, these agencies can help In their transition from prison life to community living. Our members can help In the process or Integrating people from prison lire to living successful lives in society again.

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